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Hello World !!!

We are group of engineers from Israel, Igor Krivts, Ph.D. in mechanics and Yuri Belenky, M.Sc. in electronics in cooperation with lawyer Yuval Horn. Inspired by Dr. Krivts idea we have developed, built and tested prototype of compact (handheld) non-invasive device enabling the quick and efficient measuring of the major parameters of the human respiratory system: total lung capacity (TLC), thoracic gas volume (TGV), functional residual capacity (FRC), airway resistance and lung compliance in addition to others spirometric characteristics. We believe our device will combine functions of both spirometer and body box (plethysmograph) remaining compact and cost effective as traditional spirometer.


Currently we are designing additional DLCO module. It will be mounted on top of unit and be able measure diffusing capacity of the lung for carbon monoxide.